Whether it’s English or Mathsexam preparation or additional support, our experienced and qualified tutors have the ability to help your child achieve everything and more.

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Tutor Club is run by myself, Cerys Bevan and since 2004 I've been providing high quality tuition for children between the ages of 5 to 18 in Neath and the surrounding areas.

We know how much you care about your child's future and that's why we provide tuition that gets results - to help YOU to help your child learn, develop, grow and reach their goals.  

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Would my child benefit from extra tuition?

Tuition can build their confidence...

It’s difficult to get a child’s voice heard in classes of 30 or more; the teacher can’t give them the attention and time they desire or need to progress. Our students benefit from 1-2-1 within small focussed groups of 4 or 5 meaning they get the attention they need to thrive.

Help them move up a set...

If your child isn’t performing as well as you’d like or their best friend is in a higher set, Tutor Club have the skills and experience to get them there.

Prepare them for their GCSE Exams...

We have the materials and the time to ensure your child excels at their GCSEs and other exams throughout their time within education.

Give them the extra attention they need to succeed...

Every child has different needs which is why we provide high-quality teaching for children with dyslexia or other educational requirements. Our tutors provide them with extra attention, time and patience.

If you require any further information or you’d like to book an appointment, feel free to give us a call on 01639 637 909.

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What Our Clients Say:

The extra tuition and support provided has definately paid off.

My son, Daniel, has been having tuition in Maths and English and has just had his GCSE results today. He had an A* in Maths and B's in both English Language and English Literature. The extra tuition and support provided by Cerys and Colin has definately paid off. Thank you.

Mrs J Owen

Without your help and guidance, I would have absolutely no chance of passing my GCSE English!

Sean, without your help and guidance, I would have absolutely no chance of passing my GCSE English Literature! We've had a bit of fun from time to time as well, so for all these things I'd like to say, thank you.

Joshua - Year 11

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