How does Tutor Club work?

At Tutor Club we don’t just teach, we care.  That’s why we take the time to create a unique programme specific to every single one of our students – to guarantee they achieve success!


Step 1 – Book your child’s FREE Assessment

Every child’s Tutor Club journey starts off with an assessment. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution because every single child is different and has different needs. Through a simple assessment we can discover exactly what those needs are and cater for them accordingly. Every child deserves the opportunity to achieve the best that they possibly can.

The informal assessment contains some written and verbal comprehensions and a sample of mathematical questions. It’s a relaxed environment so there is no pressure on your child, meaning they can perform to the best of their abilities. The assessment helps us to find out where you child’s strengths and weaknesses lie and establish their understanding of the curriculum.

Step 2 – Create a learning programme

After your child has completed their FREE informal Assessment we will all sit down together to hear what your expectations and desires are.

This conversation, coupled with your child’s assessment results, will provide the right information needed to build a specific and individual learning programme that caters for the wants and need of your child. Working with you we will design a programme that helps your child reach their full potential and achieve the level you wish them to get to.

Step 3 – Meet your tutor

Once your tailored learning programme has been designed and everyone is happy with it, we’ll match your child with a tutor that’s suited to their individual requirements. All of our tutors are fully qualified and have a wealth of experience working with children of all abilities so we’ll make sure your child has the perfect tutor for them.

Step 4 – Let the tuition commence!

Your child will attend 80 minute tuition sessions on a weekly basis. All sessions contain a small focussed group of 4 or 5 which allows our tutor to focus on every student’s needs.

Step 5 – Achieve your learning objectives

All of our tuition programmes are there to push your children to achieve specific goals; whether you are seeking to improve their GCSE results or move them up a set in school we’ll regularly assess their progress to ensure they achieve their aims.


Why Tutor Club?

We are passionate about what we do. Helping each child to achieve their goals and gain confidence is what gets us out of bed in the morning! We only work with tutors that share our passion for teaching children and that is why Tutor Club is so successful. It isn’t a job it’s a passion.

When you enrol your child in Tutor Club you're guaranteed:

  • A selection of tuition times to fit around your other commitments

  • A FREE detailed lesson plan

  • Focussed one-to-one attention from our passionate and experienced tutors

  • Fun ways to learn through a wide range of learning resources and activities including computer activities, structured worksheets, workbooks and audio resources

  • A tutor that’s tailored specifically to your child’s needs 

Interested in joining our club?

Our methods are tried and tested, they get results. We’d love nothing more than to speak to you about how we can assist your child to fulfil their potential. To change your child’s future for the better give us a call today on 01639 637 909.